ΤΕΕ/ΤΚΜ TEE/TKM is the oldest (founded in 1950) and the largest regional TEE Branch in the country with about 18,000 members. Its members are qualified engineers of all specialties, graduates of Tertiary Education Schools, who live and practise their professional activity in the Region of Central Macedonia.


As a Regional Branch, it practises the activities and serves the goals of TEE, as provided for by its statutory framework (Presidential Decree 27.11/14.12.1926 “on codifying existing provisions regarding the establishment of TEE”, Official Gazette Α 430, as amended by Law 1486.84, Official Gazette Α 161), within its area of competence, namely Central Macedonia. In other words,

  • Its aim is to promote science in the sectors related to the specialties of its members, techniques and technology, in general and their use for the self-reliant economic, social and cultural growth of the Country;
  • It undertakes the role of a technical advisor to the State;
  • In regard to its members, it holds examinations and issues licences to practise the engineering profession, it maintains registries of its members, it sees to the their employment, social insurance, protection of their status, scientific progress and continuous training, it issues informative and scientific printed materials and other specialized publications, it studies new forms of professional organisation and work for its members and has disciplinary authority over its members.


Within the context of its role, TEE/TKM:

  • Is institutionally represented at Councils/Boards and Committees of Public and Local Self-Government Organisations, as well as at Councils/Boards and Committees established for the purposes of the specific project;
  • Studies and produces views on developmental, technical, scientific and professional issues. This work is produced by :

–         Permanent Committees, scientific instruments of three-year tenure of a proposing/recommending and opinion-giving character;

–      Working Groups set up to study specific issues within a specific time period;

  • Organises conferences, day-meetings, events, working meetings for publicising its views and its work and for exchanging opinions with other agencies; it also participates in events organised by other agencies; • Organises self-financed seminars to update Branch members on new scientific data;
  • Organises self-financed seminars to update Branch members on new scientific data;
  • Is active in the sector of scientific publications and publishes the fortnightly TECHNOGRAFIMA, which is notified to Central and Regional Agencies, Technical Companies and Industries, as well as the Media, in both electronic and printed format;
  • Holds examinations for graduates of the Polytechnic Schools/Universities of the country, so that they may be issued with a licence for practising the engineering profession;
  • Maintains an updated lending library;
  • Develops cooperation schemes with international agencies and European and Balkan engineers’ agencies and participates in European programmes.

Building Infrastructure

The Branch Offices are housed in a building owned by the Technical Chamber, of a total area of 2,116 m2 (3 floors) with two basements (storing and parking facilities). The building has a fully-equipped amphitheatre with 300 seats, an annex, as well as other premises that can be used for seminars, workshops and meetings. All premises are accessible to persons with disabilities.

In the context of the InGreenCi Programme

ΤΕΕ/ΤΚΜ has undertaken to materialise the following:

Professional Contribution to professionally contribute towards preparing the manual of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

to materialise privately-practising engineers’ educational and awareness-raising activities on the contents of the Rain Water Management Manual for Irrigating Urban Green Zones, in the context of a 30-hour seminar for 40 engineers and an educational trip to Haskovo.