The team, set up by virtue of Decision No. Α78Β/Σ5/13 by the Administrative Committee of TEE/TKM, had the following members:

1. Dimitrios Kokkinos, Civil Engineer, TEE Reg. No.: 112463
2. Antigone Mantsiou, Architect, TEE Reg. No.: 96780
3. Soultana Kerkiri, Electrical Engineer, TEE Reg. No.: 56553

In the context of the decision mentioned above, the working team undertook to study issues concerning the integrated rain water management for urban green zones, and specifically:
– the cooperation of the Scientific Team of the Municipality of Thessaloniki for preparing a rain water management manual (Call for expression of interest, Chapter V, Description of the overall object)

– the creation of an electronic data base (Call for expression of interest, Chapter V, paragraph B and Γ.2)

Training 30-hour seminar for 80 privately-practising engineers. The first stage of approaching and informing privately-practising engineers was the visit to the Municipality of Haskovo, aiming at informing them on aspects of the manual for the management of urban green zones and the GIS installed for the management of urban green zones; visiting engineers also attended a relevant informative event. The visit was made in September 2013 with the participation of 39 privately-practising engineers, to whom the following were presented:

  • the GIS monitoring urban green zones and green itineraries within the city;
  • the manual for the management of urban green zones;
  • a game on the fauna of Haskovo parks;
  • publicising and result dissemination actions.

TEE seminars – Timetable