The InGreenCi Programme addresses all social groups in related groupings, as follows:

in “inner” groups that include both privately-practising study-undertaking engineers, geotechnicians, landscape architects and environmentalists, as well as engineers, geotechnicians, landscape architects and environmentalists who are functionary executives of Municipalities,


in outer” groups that include property owners, construction companies and the general public

The InGreenCi Programme addresses “inner groups» aspiring to enrich the knowledge of scientists active in the study sector and, in general, in the production of public and private spaces, aiming at the gradual introduction of integrated rain water management and green sites as components of the operation of urban space.

Finally, the InGreenCi Programme addresses “outer” groups, aspiring to establish prerequisite conditions for their active participation in incorporating the principles of integrated management of green zones and rain water for their irrigation, and production and maintenance of private space as a basic element of cities.

The InGreenCi Programme addresses “inner” groups through the materialization of an integrated grid of educational activities shared with the Municipality of Haskovo, and “outer” groups through the materialization of a grid of informative and environmental awareness-raising actions.