Inter-Balkan Institute for Public Administration (I.I.P.A.) is the scientific documentation centre of E.D.O.Th. – NT/ADEDY (Union of Public Servants’ Organisations of Thessaloniki, Branch of the Supreme Administration of Public Servants’ Unions), seated in Thessaloniki and active in developing the human potential of public administration in Greece, the Balkans and the rest of Europe.
The Inter-Balkan Institute of Public Administration operates in the legal form of a Non-profit, Civil Company (AMKE).
IIPA’s administration is undertaken by collective instruments, comprising member-agencies representing employees participating in it. The Scientific Committee is responsible for planning, evaluating and materializing Institute Actions.
IIPA’s basic administrative structure comprises the Directorate, the Secretariat and the Scientific Committee. The Directorate and the Scientific Committee have equal authority, since the existence of one is directly dependent on the operation of the other. The Secretariat supports all activities undertaken and meets immediate operational needs.
In charge of the AMKE is the Union of Public Servants’ Organisations of Thessaloniki, namely E.D.O.Th. N/T ADEDY, complemented by the following partners:
1. Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (KNSB/CITUB)
2. Trade Union of Administration, Judiciary and Citizens’ Associations of the FYR of Macedonia (UPOZ)
3. Independent Trade Union of Health Employees of Albania (ITUHEA)

The Inter-Balkan Institute of Public Administration is active along three main axes:

  • Research & Development
  • Information & Advisory Guidance
  • Education


In the context of the InGreenCi Programme

The Inter-Balkan Institute of Public Administration has undertaken to materialize:

To educate functionary executive engineers of the Municipality of Thessaloniki on the manual of integrated urban management of rain water to be used for irrigating urban green zones.