The Municipality of Thessaloniki
is the second municipality in population size in Greece, following that of Athens. According to the 2011 census, its permanent population is 324,766 residents. It mainly comprises the city of Thessaloniki, with its historic centre and the districts around it, as well as the districts spreading to the east of the urban centre. Within the area of the Municipality of Thessaloniki there lie the main sites and monuments of the city. The Municipality is divided into 6 municipal districts, which, however, according to Law 3852/11 (Kallikrates Programme), are officially divided into two municipal units (Thessaloniki and Triandria), while the unit of Thessaloniki is divided into 5 municipal communities. Specifically:

  • The first one includes Kato Poli (Lower City – the historic centre) and the district of Pedio tou Areos (Mars’ Field – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki [AUth], Thessaloniki International Fair [TIF]);
  • The second one includes the district of Beş-çınar, comprising the neighbourhoods of Vardaris, Panagia Faneromeni, Xirokrini, Ramona, Xyladika, Sfageia, Lachanokipoi;
  • The third municipal community includes the districts of Ano Poli (Upper City), and Eptapyrgion (Acropolis), comprising the neighbourhoods of Çinar, Dioikitirio, Terpsithea, Kallithea, Kule Kahve, Kokkini Vrysi, Portara or Kastra, Eptapyrgion (Acropolis);
  • The fourth one includes the district of Toumba and comprises the neighbourhoods of Ano Toumba, Kato Toumba, Agios Fanourios, Doxa, Kryoneri, Malakopi;
  • The fifth municipal community includes the most densely populated district of (broader) Faliron as well as the districts of Charilaou and Depot (Apothiki) and comprises the following neighbourhoods: Analipsis (Palaies Exoches or Pyrgoi), Agia Triada, Salamina, Kifissia, Byzantium, Trochiodromikon, Nea Elvetia, Allatini, Agios Eleftherios, Uziel Complex;
  • The municipal unit of Triandria includes the former Municipality of Triandria and is divided into the neighbourhoods of Ano Triandria (Agios Spyridon), Agioi Anargyroi, Nisaki and Kato Triandria. Until 1982 Triandria was a community and it was established as a municipality on 1 January 1983, before being abolished as such on 1 January 2011.

The Municipality of Thessaloniki has 2 General Directorates and 8 Self-Contained Sectors, while, as already mentioned, the system of municipal decentralisation includes 5 Municipal Communities and the Municipal Unit of Triandria. The Municipality of Thessaloniki undertakes activities in a framework of 8 Legal Entities of Public and Private Law.

The InGreenCi Programme is materialised by the Directorate of Urban Environment Management, the main concern of which is to develop and maintain green zones in the city. This Directorate is responsible for continuous plant reproduction at its nurseries and maintaining existing green sites, creating new green sites and maintaining the Zoo in the periurban wood. The Directorate organizes events, the main aim of which is to raise citizens’ awareness in regard to green issues; the top such event is the Flower Show of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

The Directorate of Urban Environment Management undertakes activities through 6 independent Departments, namely:

  • Garden Maintenance
  • Spinneys, Hedge rows and Nurseries
  • Veterinary Service and Zoo
  • Environmental Actions
  • Urban Environment Studies and Planning
  • Administrative Support


In the context of the InGreenCi Programme

 The Municipality of Thessaloniki has undertaken the coordination of the partnership as the leading partner, through the realisation of:

A comprehensive guide incorporating rain water management into urban planning and, in general, landscape architecture, comprising a model ecologic standard for future development, through:

  • recording and evaluating appropriate practices, incorporating ecologic rain water management into urban green zones
  • locating burdened urban areas within which to implement the specific model
  • creating constructs of high architectural quality and ruled by the principles of ecologic management
  • classifying international scientific literature (techniques, plant material, materialization cost, etc.) and transforming it into a user-friendly data base
Materialisation of an integrated grid of informative and citizens’ environmental awareness-raising actions entailing:

  • an interactive game
  • the creation of a website
  • the production and distribution of printed material
  • informative/updating entries in daily and periodical printed press
  • organising a day-meeting
  • planning and holding two awareness-raising events for suitable project tasks
Materialisation of a demonstration application:

  • planting the flat roof of Thessaloniki City Hall
  • creating rain gardens on 28th of October Street (former Italias Street).