The INTEGRATED GREEN CITIES (INGREENCI) Programme is co-financed by OP Territorial Cooperation – Greece Bulgaria 2007-2013; its participants are the Municipality of Thessaloniki, as the Lead Partner, and the Municipality of Haskovo, Bulgaria, the Inter-Balkan Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) and the Technical Chamber of Greece/Branch of Central Macedonia.
Recognising the role of green areas within cities and, particularly, in public places, the irrigation of such green zones in densely populated urban areas and the importance of raising the awareness of the human potential involved in the production of urban public and private spaces comprise the targets set by InGreenCi. Specifically, the aims are to:

  • Educate human potential (engineers, geotechnicians, environmentalists) on innovative practices through targeted actions;
  • To reinforce environmental awareness of citizens and to improve access to environmental information;
  • To highlight and promote the principles of ecologic rain water management and to incorporate them into urban planning;
  • To familiarise general and specialised public with applications of high technology services (GIS) and to locally inter-connect competent agencies, educational and research institutes.